Wendy Davis

This Beauty and I go way back. 

Right after the great success of "Why Did I Get Married" The demand for my talents grew greater and I was getting more and more press about Tasha's Bob. That hair is one of the biggest Hoorays of my career.  That bob was one of the stars of that movie! Well it was the marketing tool I needed to spark my career and it did! 

Meanwhile a new show was being slated on lifetime and one of the shows leads was a black woman that happened to be good friends with Tasha and needed a new hair person.  Well the show was called Army Wives and the Actress' name is Wendy Davis, a beautiful strong black woman with an amazing spirit.

Wendy called me on the phone and I fell in love with her instantly!  She was very kind and polite over the phone and after a nice conversation, she booked me for a network job with her that started at 400am and I gladly accepted.  The Job was a network flight for promotion of the show and it hit every popular morning news show in America.

The day before I was to see Wendy, I had another booking that went into overtime and we didn't wrap until 2a, It took 45minutes for me to drive home and another 30 minutes to make it to Wendy on time.  I was cutting it so close that I only had time to brush my teeth,  grab a bag and bounce.

I arrived on set on time with 10 minutes to spare. I walked in, introduced myself to the AD and proceeded into the preset Glam space they had for us and set up my station. As I'm unpacking my bag I realized that I brought my marcel irons but I didn't bring my stove. Instantly I ran to the kitchen to see if the studio had a conventional stove to heat up my irons with and NO SUCH LUCK! I wasn't sure what I was going to do but I had to figure out something fast.

Wendy has now arrived on set and I didn't want to make her panic so I introduced myself, got out of the way and let her do her thing and get herself in order while I looked around the room to see what resources were available to make this happen.

I finally told Wendy what was going on with hope that she would have brought her curling iron with her. What I didn't expect her to say was that she didn't own one.  Then without batting an eye, I assured her that I would fid away to work it out and that her hair was going to be beautiful....  and it was.

I finally went over to good ole Kraft Services and stole all the bunsun burners from under the food and used the open flame to heat up my irons to create a cascade of beautiful marcel waves just in time for Wendy's on camera experience .  That day turned out to be an amazing day.  Not only did I gain instant trust with her , but we had instant friendship. to this very day Wendy refers to me as the Mc Guyver of Hair when she tells the story of how I saved her life!

I love me some Wendy Davis...  she's absolutely incredible!

Photo Courtesy of The Mass Appeal



The Celebrated

This is my personal tribute those individuals that we celebrate for their influence, beauty and talents.  All of these people are very special to me because I couldn't be a Celebrity Hair Stylist with out them... Eachof thema story of their own.  I am Honored and grateful for the blessing they have been in my life.  and I thank God for them.  Keep in mind that they are just people dong the very thing that makes them happy.


Tasha Smith

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Quillard

I remember the first time I saw Tasha.  She was breath taking. Her skin was flawless " even without makeup, 'I thought to myself.'" She sounded exactly like she did on TV and she spoke extremely loud even when she didn't think so, which is exactly what was going on that day.  It was a quiet Thursday afternoon in the salon and I had just finished doing a weave on another client of mine named Shay. 

I couldn't help but notice that Tasha was watching my every move as I performed my hair cut on Shay.  I must admit, the hair cut was bomb, if I do say so myself.  If I recall correctly, it was a short point cut bob with lots of choppy layers,  a blunt cut nape, disconnected sides and bangs.   The cut was amazing, but lets just say... I was even more AMAZING! LOL!  I stood her up for balance, had her turn upside down to cut the layers and I even had her kneel down in the seat of the chair while asking her to lean out and over to cut a face framing fridge.  I went all out for this cut.  I figured you only have a few opportunities to shine and I certainly wasn't going to miss mine.

In the moment and very aware of my surroundings, I couldn't help but listento her conversation on the phone with her girl friend talking about me.  "Gurrrl" she said, " I'm at the salon and this dude is cutting the mess outta this girls hair.  "Girl Hell Naw' he just had her turn upside down.  girl you need to go to him, he IS BAD!   I was so excited to hear those words coming from her! That was a huge compliment and  I was beyond flattered. After I finished, I made sure Shay tossed that hair on the way out the door"END SCENE!"

As Fate would have it, not a month had passed and her stylist went on maternity leave.  Guess what?  That's right!  Tasha came looking for me! 

So I was standing at my station working as usual. My back was to the door and I was busy doing my thing when I heard this Loud Tasha Smith Voice!  "Who is Rico Jackson?" she yelled.   "that's me" I replied.  Without hesitation I turned around and walked up front , introduced myself and the rest is still going on at this very date. Tasha has become one of my best friends, confidants and long time clients.  we've worked together for the last 14years strong. 

Of all my clients, I can honestly say Tasha and have grown up in the industry together..  Our accomplishment have parallel over the years.  Thanks to the beautiful brown girl with the beautiful hair I have been able to sore and sustain. Working with Tasha has been quite an amazing journey and I am so grateful to have her in my life. 

I love you Tasha Smith